Accountant on Call


Compliance, assistance, feedback and expert advice through professional accounting.

Who We Are


As a subsidiary of FD on Call, Accountant on Call, serving the same large variety of clients, places a highly qualified business Accountant (not an accounting clerk) into your business to instil all financial and tax compliance, give feedback and offer expert assistance and advice for financial growth.

Founded in 2019, Accountant on Call handle all the ancillary services offered by FD on Call. Our professional Accountants are trained to look at a business through the eyes of a businessman and give transparent feedback and information you can use to maximise profits. We don’t profess to be the cheapest option, but we don’t work for SARS and through consultation find better ways and install better systems to save on costs and tax bills.

By the same token we ensure your business is fully compliant, with SARS Registrations, VAT, PAYE and Income tax submissions, monthly accounting and financial statements. We set up systems that give accurate projections and forecasts and strive to go into cloud based accounting utilising a paperless network. This means no looking for slips and trying to find info. Everything is at your fingertips, as is advice and assistance – when you need it!

Accountant on Call

A Team Of Professionals

Wouter van Schaik, director of Accountant On Call

Wouter van Schaik



FD on Call is the brainchild of founder Wouter van Schaik, a Chartered Accountant (SA) with vast experience as a corporate Financial Director and Chief Financial Officer in various industries.

Hannes Burger

Manager Accounting and Compliance


André Johannes Burger is registered with SAIPA as a Professional Accountant (S.A.), and is a registered Tax Practitioner with SAIT.

He completed his B.Tech Cost and Management Accounting Degree and completed his articles at an audit firm in 2015 and achieved his professional qualification in 2016. He has experience with a wide variety of accounting software packages, as well as a variety of clients from all walks of life.

Due to his variety of clients that he has worked with over the years, it puts him in a very good position to advise clients on financial management issues.

Peter van Schaik

Trainee Accountant


Peter van Schaik is the latest addition to our team and is a Trainee Accounting Clerk. He is proficient in data capturing and is great with migration of data onto new software and with the setup of new systems.

Business Services

The business services offered by Accountant on call include, but are not restricted to:

Business accounting services – Done in a business accountant fashion and not as an accounting firm.

A full set of Business and individual tax services.

Business financial statements – Independent review and Compilation agreements only

PAYE and VAT registrations and maintenance.

Payroll bookkeeping.

Taxation issue assistance.

Tax registrations.

High level, qualified business accounting
– on call!