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Financial Director On Call

Your own Financial Director
– On Call

Could your business use the experience and expertise of a highly qualified CA at an affordable fee?

FD on Call, serving SMEs to large corporate enterprises primarily in the Western Cape, places a highly qualified CA in your business – I.E. your own Financial Director on Call. We analyse and accordingly structure your business and its finances to expedite growth and create prosperity.
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Your own Accountant
– On Call

Would you like to enjoy the services of fully professional expert Accountants who are an integral part of your business?

As a subsidiary of FD on Call, Accountant on Call, serving the same large variety of clients, places a highly qualified business Accountant (not an accounting clerk) into your business to instil all financial and tax compliance, give feedback and offer expert assistance and advice for financial growth.
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Your own Financial Director – on call…

Why FD on Call?

  • We carry out an extensive and comprehensive company profile review, examine its unique financial requirements – then give a full report on every aspect of your company’s business and financial structures.
  • We offer up to date, current and pro-active advice to assist your company to grow. After critical examination of finances, assistance with training and auditing, we give feedback on progress and make suggestions for improvement.
  • We teach you to examine and plan your business like a corporate, but still run a tight, efficient SME. Implementing new systems and expanding your structures, we make you tax efficient, BBBEE compliant and ensure the accountability of Directors and shareholders.
  • We are a team of highly trained, experienced professionals with a track record of the rapid expansion of every business from SMEs to large groups of companies.
  • From setting up statutory requirements and business planning – to assistance with expansion, managing cash flow and assuring growth is correctly paced, we help start-ups to become successful expansive enterprises.

Your own Accountant – on call…

Why Accountant on Call?

  • Different from normal accounting firms, we strive to empower our clients to work with their finances.
  • We are Business Accountants – not article clerks with no experience.
  • We always discuss and give proper feedback on all accounting requirements.
  • We are Accountants that think out of the box and are always forward thinking.
  • Will deliver fully professional accounts and accounting, that give you a full overview of your business – this is not only Bank statement accounting.
  • We customise accounting work according to your needs and work with your current staff to empower them to do more for your business.

Compliance, Growth and Prosperity through astute comprehensive Financial Management!

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